Digital signage

While supporting major car dealerships in Australia over number of years with our unique POS systems, we noticed a particular need for infrastructure and systems that could support their ongoing needs to show the latest technological advancements, promotions and everchanging options available. At ATA Pty Ltd we also recognised that brand properties must be properly reflected in terms of purpose, functionality and design.

Introducing Digital Signage, one of the latest technologies that meets those needs and ticks all the boxes. Using the latest principles and methods in digital signage, ATA Pty Ltd creates and customises modern display panels, combining digital content and Internet technology to deploy a network of rich-media signs able to replace traditional (static) print signs.

Save money and get more value from your signage.

Once your signs are in place, you can change the content every 3 seconds. You reduce your cost of information delivery and can change your sales or promotional messages as often as you need to. This is a clear benefit over traditional static signage.

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