On following pages please find more images and galleries with ACRI-PLATE designs and P.O.S. items developed. Some P.O.S. Galleries are presenting images from sales pitch stages and concept design through the final product and some installation instructions.......

At ATA Pty Ltd we recognise that brand properties must be properly reflected at point of sale in terms of purpose, functionality and design.

Colour, fabric, design and quality are an integral part of the brand and product characteristics and they are of considerable interest to the showroom visitor.

An innovative process developed by ATA Pty Ltd to fabricate paint samples has the following, unique advantages:

- Total colour fidelity
- Uniform surface finish and properties
- Light to handle and carry
- User-friendly and safe
- Does not scratch duco when attached to body panes
- Durable image of quality
- Fully labelled with colour code and description

ATA Pty Ltd - Showroom solutions for automotive retailer

- Colour/paint sample and fabric Displays
- Brochure and other sales literature stands
- Vehicle specification stands
- Parts, accessories and brand merchandising
- Promotional showroom structures
- Virtual showroom concepts