Dealing with adhesion processes and plastic materials over period of years led ATA to a number of specific projects in point of sale (POS). One of them, ACRI-PLATE, originally developed in year 2000 for Mercedes Head Office in Australia, is a new product featuring “true colour” samples of automotive paints. This product supports auto dealers’ sales team and is shown to the customer while he or she is making the important purchasing decision for a new more

Adhesives for Plastics

ACRI-PLATE and Point of Sale (POS)

Specialisation in adhesion processes and plastic materials led ATA to a number of specific projects in POS. We were consulted on a number of prestige projects and from there we developed another successful business line for automotive dealers’ more

Adhesives for Plastics

Advertising for SHOWROMS

Using the latest principles and methods in digital signage, Novatech Media creates and customises modern display panels, combining digital content and Internet technology to deploy a network of rich-media signs able to replace traditional (static) print signs. Save money and get more value from your signage. Once your infrastructure is in place, you can change the content every 3 seconds....
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