Examples and Ideas

Bonno Story

Large sports and Community Club in Sydney was supplied with simple but effective Digital Signage solution including TV’s and front and Rear Projection infrastructure. Centrally driven web based Content is able to control individually by zones.

Elders Story

Local Real Estate Agency were utilising our Rear projection system to create a point of attraction to passing traffic. Easy changing available properties from personal computer was great and cost effective solution generating huge interest.

TAFE Story

Australian education provider used Novatech Media Rear projection solution to promote their offer to International students in Sydney.

Inferno Story

Popular Pizza restaurant and meeting place in one of major shopping centres in Sydney’s suburbs used 70 inch (about 1,800mm) diagonal Rear Projection System to advertise mouth watering menu to their clients.

Mercedes Story

One of major Mercedes dealerships in Sydney that qualified as Dealer of the Year a few times, used Novatech Media Rear Projection System to successfully promote this famous car brand and we are proud if we contributed in their success and improved sales performances too.

Idea selection

Following are a few concept solutions to illustrate potential with our Digital signage solutions structured around our unique Attraction Screens of 100 inches size. Similar size LCD’s or plasma screens are considerably more expensive and also with much less effect on passing public. The effect of glass panel producing beautiful images is fantastic, intriguing and attractive – “3 seconds rule” to create attention and send a message is easily achieved and well appreciated by professional marketing experts.