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The first POS-specific project, ACRI-PLATE, originally developed in year 2000 for Mercedes Head Office in Australia, is a new product featuring “true colour” samples of automotive paints. This product supports auto dealers’ sales team and is shown to the customer while he or she is making important purchasing decision for a new vehicle. Today, ATA supplies prestige automotive showrooms such as Mercedes, Lexus, Chrysler and Peugeot with ACRI-PLATE that is individually branded, contributing in their sales efforts and achievements. The process involves the application of the original formulation of automotive paint with specialty additives to the back of a transparent material such as acrylic glass. Our particular process reproduces a “true colour” that can assist the customer in the purchasing decision. Many catalogues may have colour samples printed inside their covers. However, printing paints are different from the actual spray paint used in car production. ACRI-PLATE achieves not only a flawless, true colour sample but also a customer-friendly item with high ergonomic and design quality.

showroom furniture for the automotive industry

The second POS-specific project is design and production of showroom furniture for the automotive industry. ATA Pty Ltd has delivered a number of various colour/paint sample and fabric displays, brochure and other sales literature stands, vehicle specification stands, parts and accessories for brand merchandising, promotional showroom structures and virtual showroom concepts

Novatech Media

The third POS-specific project led to development of our new business line in 2006, now marketed under Novatech Media. We developed a state-of-the-art rear projection solution for Digital Signage in automotive showrooms. Over last two years we have expanded this solution to LCD and plasma screens and geared up our infrastructure to provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) or managed digital signage solutions. Currently we are able to control up to 100 outlets remotely via our web-based solution. More details will soon be available for this dedicated web site. Below are just a few examples of Digital Signage projects implemented by ATA Pty Ltd.
Featured: A 100-inch screen (most people know that screen size is measured on the diagonal)

attraction screen

70-inch large rear projection screen, so called “attraction screen”, delivering media in broad daylight and a glowing shine at night.

attraction screen

The amount of messages sent in only one day has hugely increased compared with static poster or banner: 10 hours per day x 60 min x 60 sec = 36,000 sec and at the rate of about 3 sec per page (add) we can show 12,000 messages (adds) per day

LCD touch screen

A large LCD touch screen has been used to allow visiting customers to interact with a huge database of information, helping them to make their final purchase decision. A good POS presentation provides that assuring comfort.

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