ACRI-BOND 105 is very fast curing water thin, clear solvent cement ideal for joining uncross-linked cast and extruded acrylic, polycarb and ABS.

It is also suitable for many other applications as shown on the chart. It provides instant initial bonding which makes it ideal for making T-bonds and bonding of narrow areas of all kinds. Recommended application can be brush, syringe or needle applicator.

General Information




Parts to be joined should fit without forcing and be clean. Apply adhesive with suitable applicator and assemble while parts are still wet. Press parts together in firm contact. ACRI-BOND 105 forms initial bond very quickly. Strength develops rapidly reaching full strength in 24 to 48 hours leaving no dry residue.

Recommended use

This adhesive has been design for bonding Acrylic to Acrylic. Also, shows good results bonding Polycarbonate, HIPS, ABS and PETG to itself. Test before use for mixed or other plastic material combinations.

Selection Chart


Mixing charts

  • ACRI-BOND 105 mixed with ACRI-BOND 125

    Adding “body” to water-thin solvent for smoother flow and improves “gap filling”. When dry it will leave 7%, 15% or 20% clear acrylic resin.


  • ACRI-BOND 105 mixed with ACRI-BOND 110

    Adding “body” to water-thin solvent for smoother flow and improves “gap filling”. Slows evaporation of AB105 and improves penetration. When dry it will leave 7%, 15% or 20% clear acrylic resin.



This product is intended for use by skilled individuals at their own risk. Since specific use, materials and handling are not controlled by ATA, our warranty is limited to the replacement of defective products only.

Sizes and MSDS’s ACRI – BOND 105

4.0 Lit size metal can with sealed cap

3 sizes available in metal containers with sealed cap.
 0.5 Lit size metal can with sealed cap
 4.0 Lit size metal can with sealed cap
100 ml size sealed aluminium flask

0.5Lit size is packed in carton with 6 cans,

4.0 Lit size is packed in carton with 2 cans and

100 ml size comes in carton of 30 units.


Available Package and Sizes

100ml Tubes

100ml Bottles with applicator and cap: This is new packaging developed for ACRI-BOND products and is supplied in suitable display box with 10 bottles.

140gr tubes

140gr tubes: Acrifix® 192 is supplied in this size tubes. Conveniently sized, this product has been packed in boxes of 20 tubes.


0.5L Can w/safety cap and screw-on spout as accessory: There are 6 cans per carton (3.0L of adhesive). We found that this sized can is popular with all fabricators due to its handy size. A new safety cap with a safety lid ensures prolonged shelf life through reduced evaporation. There is also a price benefit with bulk purchase by the carton. The screw-on spout is available on request. Also check with your supplier as it may be included at no cost as promotional item.


4.0L Can w/safety cap and a transparent screw on spout with blue cap as accessory: This size is suitable for those customers who are working on larger jobs where more adhesive is required at once. There are 2 cans per carton. The spout with blue cap is available on request.


Stock on hand

ATA Pty Ltd has a commitment to our customers to keep a reasonable sized stock on hand. However, our on-hand stock has been sized to comply with OH&S requirements and our DG safe-handling policy is to keep the stock at the lower recommended limits. When it comes to imported products required in larger volumes, please ensure your orders are placed on time due to delivery delays that are sometimes from 3 to 6 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact our support team for booking arrangements.

Sealed containers

Sealed containers

All our adhesives are supplied in UN-approved metal containers made of quality steel. For prolonged shelf life and safe storage we provide a safety sealed cap. Squeeze side safety clip to unwind the red cap.

Sealed containers

When supplied, the seal should be untouched.

Sealed containers

To open, pull up and remove seal membrane.


Outer Packaging

cartons packaging

All cartons are labelled for safe road transport as per the Dangerous Goods requirements. A large white easily readable label with product name is also included in upper left corner for safe storage when in the warehouse or on the shelf. The “This Side Up” and “Handle with Care” labels are fitted on the top of each box and used as additional box seal.

cartons packaging

When delivered on skids or pallets, the outer box labelling is exposed to outer sides for easy product determination, helping transport companies to deliver safely to our distributors and end users.

cartons packaging

ATA launched smaller cartons with 6 x 0.5Lit cans as more convenient packing. There are also various “TRADE PACKS” providing various product mixes supplied in 0.5Lit cans to suit particular job or project. Ask your supplier for availability.

cartons packaging

MSDS work station booklet – useful files

PDF downloadMSDS Work Station Cover page

PDF downloadR-phrases List

PDF downloadS-phrases List


Although our products are designed for Industrial use, we are experiencing more and more calls from hobbyists, Colleges and TAFE and DIY users. Accordingly ATA applied rigorous self assessed and self applied rules about showing warning signs to all products and sizes although may not be required by Industry bodies and regulators. All our standard products are subjected to rigorous manufacturing procedures that were established to provide consistent quality and prevent any danger during handling. The information contained herein is produced in good faith and is believed to be reliable but is for guidance only. Acrylic Technologies Australia Pty Ltd can not assume liability or responsibility for results obtained in the use of its products by persons whose methods are outside or beyond our control. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of any of the products and methods of use or preparation prior to use as mentioned in our literature. Furthermore, it is the user’s responsibility to observe and adopt such precautions as may be advisable for the protection of personnel and property in the handling and use of any of our products. If we can be of assistance when creating your own Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Station (Central DG Document registrar), please do not hesitate to contact us directly or any of our distributors.